Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day: Race Day

It's that day of the year. Memorial Day. The un-official start of Summer and... the Indy 500. This year we also have a Formula 1 race on this day, so today is Race Day. Earlier this morning Kimi Raikonen seemed to take an easy victory, but a catastrophic front suspension failure due to a flat-spot on his tire in the LAST lap showed that it truely isn't over until the fat lady sings or in this case when the flagger swings... For the record: the F1 race was won by Fernando Alonso from Spain.

Now on to the Indy 500. I work for Penske so I'm rooting for Helio and Sam, but I and everybody cannot escape the rookie sweetie Danica Patrick of the Rahal and Letterman team. So far I'm impressed with her driving and, he, she's easy on the eyes as well. Let's hope for a very interesting race and if neither Helio or Sam can win I guess Danica isn't a bad driver to root for.

Happy Race Day...

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