Sunday, May 29, 2005

The last days of the Holland-Trip

Thursday and Friday where some nice summer days with temperatures in the high-80s (29-31C), nice and sunny, but they were also work-days. Well, at least thursday was. I worked in Venlo on Thursday since there were a few people I wanted to see and it was only a 25min drive from my parents place. The downside of that choice became apparent a litter later in the day when we figured out that the A/C in the room I was sitting in did not work (...) but we still got our work done.

Thursday-night was the so-called 'koopavond' for my dads shop. In Holland, shops still close at 6pm, but on 1 night (either Thu or Fri) they remain open until 9pm. I drove over to the shop for some dinner and to help dad out with his laptop. We got a router and prepped his PC and laptop for networking. It all worked pretty much out-of-the-box.

Friday was packing and travel day. Since my flight to Newark didn't leave until 1.35pm I had plenty of time in the morning. After saying goodbye to Mom and Dad I left around 10am heading for Schiphol. A very uneventful drive without any traffic-jams (rare in Holland, but the 10am departure helped). The only thing was that I had to fuel up the car (a Renault Laguna Wagon) and I almost missed the exit for it while driving in the left (of the 3) lane. I got a few horns blaring... Ah well, it wasn't a nice move, but there was plenty of room to pull it off.

I was at Schiphol a little after 11.30am, so I dropped off the car and checked in. After check-in I decided to take it easy and visit the 'Privium' lounge. In another post I'll explain what that is. Got myself some fluids and read the paper before I proceeded to passport control. There was about a 30min line-up, but thanks to 'Privium' it only took me about 60secs. A quick walk to the G-pier (where 90% of the non-KLM/NorthWest flights to the US depart) and before 1pm I was on the plane. It left on-time and after another pretty boring flight we arrived in Detroit (I use the term 'we' a lot, comes from being a guy from Brabant...).

The line-up in Detroit was, well, long. It usually isn't anything over 5min but this time it was close to a 25min wait. On the other hand, I had plenty of time to catch my connection to Cleveland...

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