Thursday, May 19, 2005

Leaving for Holland

In a good 2 hours I'm leaving for Holland to pick-up the Visa. Just made sure I have all the required documents with me, since it would be a bit of a disaster if you were to appear at the US Consulate in Amsterdam and find out you missed document such-and-such. If all is going according to plan I'm dropping all the paperwork and my passport off at 8.30am Monday morning (May 23) and three days later I should have my passport back with the new Visa. The extension is granted until July 2008.

I just pray that everything is alright so I can make my return-flight on Friday May 27 to be back in time for the long weekend. So far, everything seems to fine. I have all the documents, all the travel arrangements have been made and I even have the boarding passes for both the flight to Newark and Amsterdam already in hand. Gotta love on-line check-in.

Going to wrap-up the things here and I'll update you when I'm in the Netherlands.

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