Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad Whirlpool Customer Service

Today I experienced one of the rare days that I'm ticked-off. All who know me know that days like that don't come along very often. What happened?

I just got of the phone with Whirlpool Support. I bought a microwave in late February this year (about 5 months ago) and it started failing this week. After entering the cook time and hitting 'Start' it just 'clicks' and kicks-off the timer, but doesn't start to cook.

So, as a dilligent consumer I arranged for a service call on Monday July 23 as the Whirlpool service website indicated as available. I got a call today from their 3rd party service provider 'Total Appliance' that they can't come out until July 26.

Since I'm going to pickup the Dutch Contingent (first 6 of them) for our wedding on Sunday July 29 we have a bit of a need for a working Microwave.

So I called Whirlpool support to make alternate arrangements. Well, apparently no alternate arrangements were possible. The Whirlpool representative only re-iterated that they only do repairs and nobody could indeed come out until at least July 26. And this could be a diagnosis-only visit since if they'd have to order parts I'll be out of a working Microwave even longer.

Mentioning that I have 10 people at the house for a week and an open-house on Sat July 28 with about 50 people for my WEDDING didn't make a difference. The Whirlpool representative was unwilling / unable to help me.

Since we do delivery for Whirlpool I'm in a unique position to spread the word fast about this very rigid, very un-cooperative stance of a respected company like Whirlpool.

I'm telling (through this post and verbally) my co-workers and friends that Whirlpool makes great products, but to hope nothing goes wrong with it, since the service is far below what you'd expect.

I'm off to Home Depot to buy a Sharp (the brand I had before for 10 years without any problems). Sorry Whirlpool, but I expected better from you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Check the wedding blog for updates

With the wedding being only days away, most updates are posted on the wedding blog. Check it out at: