Sunday, May 29, 2005

Contoversial topic: Stem cell Research

Last week Congress approved a controversial spending bill (the 109th Congress) for Stem cell Research. The president already released a statement he will veto this bill, but if I'm well informed a 2/3 majority in the Senate can overrule a Presindential veto. That's the straight forward part of the discussion. It's the Ethics and Religious part that is creating the polarization on this topic. Currently my opinion is favourable towards expanding the research. Eventhough you can claim a stem cell is considered life, it is debatable if it is human at that stage. I know a few of my friends will disagree with me here, but the potential goods (the human lives we can save, the illnesses we can cure) outweigh the ethical and religious opposition. One thing that we will need is a stable set of legislation around it. That will be another round of heavy debates. I am in favour of strict regulations, but how strict is strict is a very grey and potentially dangerous area. We'll see how it plays out. Next one up to the plate on this matter: President Bush. For more info on this topic, just Google it.


Jeff said...

One thing you forgot to mention is that there was another bill in congress that was not really talked about much which expands government funding of testing for stem cells taken from the umbilical cord (much less controversial). From what I hear there is good and successful testing from this source.

Another point is that Bush has not limited stem cell research. He only limited government spending. It can still happen in the private sector. My question is, if it is viewed as a major source for finding medical breakthroughs, then why arent the drug companies jumping on it? Surely there would be huge profit potential. When asked, many of them said their research does not show much hope of finding any major breakthroughs.

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