Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Holland trip, part II

The second part of my Holland trip is now complete... sigh... I'm currently waiting on my connecting flight to Cleveland at the Newark Airport.

What all happened the last week... Let's see:

On Tuesday we went to US Consulate (see previous post) and got the L1b visa renewed. On Wednesday I did my prep for the next trip to Holland in March together with Jen. That will be our first major trip together. Very much looking forward to that. So what is the prep? I took pictures of most buildings that played a role in my life.

Took pictures of the Hospital, the first house I lived in with my parents, my kindergarten building (now a gym)and my first elementary school. All of those in Helmond, the city where I was born. Then I took a few pictures in a small village just north of Eindhoven, called 'Son & Breugel', where I lived for 5 years. Again, a picture of the house and the elementary school there. After those 5 years we moved back to Helmond and took pictures of my parents current house, my elementary school, my high school and my community college. Then I moved on to Venlo, where I took a few pictures of my college and the hospital where I got my first full-time job out of college. Final stops where around Maastricht at my house in Gellik and the office on the town-hall square in Maastricht.

On Thursday and Friday I went to work in our Roosendaal office in the south of the Netherlands.

Something else happened on those last two days, but that will be a separate post...

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