Friday, January 19, 2007

House-hunting update

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Mortgage-company in Canton (Stoffer Mortgage) that was recommended by the Prices. He is a very good and down-to-earth guy. He didn't quote me on a maximum amount I could borrow, but on my maximum comfort-level. I like that.

On a personal note: he's an avid fan of Dutch Soccer. Just on that one alone I have to recommend him. Jen also had a conversation with him before (she actually made the appointment) and told me she had a good feeling about him.

With the Soccer-connection it just continues to amaze me how God is raising my comfort-level in this whole process. A few years ago I would have contributed it to fate or luck, but since this isn't the first time things like this happen to me, I believe God has a hand in this.

As an example: when I was looking online for an apartment in Cleveland in the early months of 2003 (before I moved to the States) I was here on a business and house-hunting trip in February. I looked at a few places, but when I got to my current apartment-complex in downtown Cleveland I was greeted by the property manager. Turned out she lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years... Like I said, these kind of things keep happening to me.

So for the sceptics among us... Once might be luck, twice might be chance, three-times might be seen as fate, but when it keeps happening it is obvious to me that there is a Director at work.

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