Monday, January 01, 2007

My Holland Trip, part I

I'm having a blast in Holland. Seeing all the family was a bit overdue... Didn't get to see them all in my last trip in May.

Christmas was awesome. Grandma, Mom and me all went to Church and then later that day all the family from my moms side came over. We went to dinner at a restaurant close by and afterwards had them over again at my parents house. So good to catch up and joke in Dutch... Been a while...

I also went to visit my best friend, his wife and new-born son (well, new-born to me. Ramon is 7 months old now).

I also had some quiet days (hey, it is still my vacation...

For New Years we watched some stand-up comedians on TV, all the fireworks (and lots of it this year) and today we visited both sides of the family, both at the remaining grand-parental unit...

A bit more (serious stuff) on the comedians though... Holland was and still is a very tolerant society and that shows in the performances of those comedians. Compared with the US, they can say pretty much everything and they do!! It is unbelievable what is being broadcasted. Not even so much the profanity as well as the blasting and total disrespect of everything (especially religion, including Christianity) and all people but themselves. Wow! Three years living in the States have given me quite a different perspective on what I feel as appropriate and most of them I would not pay to go see or even recommend. Today however I watch a comedian from neighboring Belgium and the contrast couldn't be bigger... Just as funny, but without all the profanity. Still as critical on certain subjects (as stand-up should be), but much more respectful and more family appropriate (well, for European standards that is...).

OK, on to some lighter notes again...Tomorrow I'm off to the US Consulate for a new visa and Wednesday I'm planning a photo-shoot of my life so far, taking pictures of where I was born, went to school, moved to, etc... in preparation of my next trip to Holland in mid-March, but that will be with... JEN !! Yay !!

Thu and Fri I'm working at one of the Dutch offices of Penske and then (if everything works according to plan with the visa) I'm going home to Cleveland again on Saturday.

Will post a bit more next week. Have a great 2007!

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