Tuesday, January 02, 2007

L1b (Non-Immigrant) Visa approved

Today I went to the US Consulate in Amsterdam to re-apply for my US Non-Immigrant visa. This is the one that was stuck in the damaged Dutch passport after I had to renew my it. This doesn't have any effect on the Immigrant Visa...

After an early morning rise (left at 5.30am) we arrived in Amsterdam a little after 7am, well ahead of the 8am schedule. After a coffee-break I joined the queue at around 8.15am and got into the Consulate a little after 8.30am.

Full airport security to get in, two times through the metal detector and some paperwork pre-check before you get into the building. The building looks more like Fort Knox so the whole process seems a bit surreal.

After paying the necessary fees and waiting for another 30 minutes inside for my (very brief, < 2min.) interview with the vice-consul he informed me that the visa was approved.

Due to biometric data storage the passport with the visa will be send back in 3 days. Nicely in time for my return-flight to the States on Saturday.

Thanks for all the prayers, since the process went smooth and without a single problem. Now that I can get back into the States for sure... See you all next week!!

Greetings from Holland to all of you.

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