Monday, March 05, 2007

The Moving Chronicles - Part II

Last weekend we moved the Entertainment Center (or Centre pour nous amis Canadienes). That means all the cool stuff from the living room is now in the basement of the new house. The big screen TV and the whole audio-setup is now up-and-running at the house. Yesterday we watched our first movie there; 'March of the Penguins'.

We also bought one of those memory foam mattress toppers... Wow! Amazing stuff. Highly recommended. It makes sleeping a whole different experience.

Today they will be delivering the fridge and the microwave. That will (re-)complete the kitchen as the previous owners took those two appliances with them. Ah well, we got a nice side-by-side fridge and a good microwave.

Another step closer to a livable house...

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Anonymous said...

A big high-end A/V setup and you test it out by watching "March of the Penguins"!?! You´ve lost your title as "home entertainment expert" and are no longer my friend. :-)
Keep the updates coming, bud.