Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Europe Trip - Part IV

Another two days have past since the last blogpost. Two very different days to say the least. Saturday was a nice relaxing day of doing basically nothing. We slept in until about 1pm and then slowly got some breakfast and went to check-out a local grocery store. After buying some apple-flavored soda, licorice, ceasar dressing and a few other knick-knacks we wanted to walk to some more stores, but it started to rain so we opted for the car. Too long in the States already ;-)

We found a bookstore (... oy, those stores are going to do me in good some day...) and we found some interesting magazines. We also went to another grocery store and took some pictures of "interesting" items labeled as "American" (until we upload pix, see Jen's Blog).

In the evening we had a nice Dutch dinner; gourmet-style. Again, see Jen's blog...

More in part V.

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