Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy days in Cleveland

Winter didn't have much a bite here until the midle of January. After that, oh boy... Arctic temperatures of -8F (BEFORE) windchill and yesterday and today we had a bit of snow... Ahum, a couple feet of snow is more accurate. Combine that with winds of up to 35mph it created VERY dangerous driving conditions.

Yesterday for most people the commute took hours, with completely grid-locked traffic. A co-worker and myself decided to get some food first at the hotel around the corner from the office and were able to make it home in under 50mins at an average speed of aobut 25mph.

Today, I'm working from home since I can't move my car out of the parking lot here yet. Maybe later today the plows can clear enough of the snowbanks (and not put them in front or behind my car) so I might be able to move the car, but for now I'm the Penske Downtown office...

Since my camera is still in Grand Rapids I took this shot with the cellphone. A little off the normal quality of my shots, but good enough to paint the picture...
Be Safe everyone!

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jens mom said...

And it is a sunny 70 degrees here in Arizona. Sure you don't want to come HERE????? :)