Monday, February 12, 2007

Housing update

We have three properties in which we have some vested interest:
  1. Jens house in Grand Rapids, MI
  2. My apartment in Cleveland, OH
  3. My - hopefully - new house in Uniontown, OH

We're trying to sell number 1 (and as of today we have a very serious lead...), get a renter in number 2 for the period between March 31 and August 30 and - Lord willing - closing on number 3 hopefully somewhere next week.

We so hope to have only 1 property to worry about soon, so all efforts to help (spiritually, and if you know somebody for either number 1 or 2, directly) are very much appreciated!!

Since '24' is starting a two-hour episode in 30 minutes and my stomach is growling at me, I'm gonna sign off.

L8r, mi amigos!

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