Monday, April 02, 2007

First Church service in the new house

On Sunday April 1, 2007 (no joke) we hosted the house church for the first time in our new house. For the regular readers of this blog, yes 1 day after we moved my things in.

The drive-way, not the smallest, was a bit crowded as was the overflow... but everybody was able to park.

We had a great lent-service hosted by Tony (thanks for the last minute change!!) and we had my friends Joel and Carolyn vistiting as well as Natalie, one of the girls from Wide Eyed Life.

Before and after the service we all went out on the deck as the weather was gorgeous. The Lord was shining upon us... ;-)

Anyway after everybody left Jen and I played some Catan, the original German version, and guess what... I won !!

So you see, a lot can happen in week. Unfortunately I had to take Monday off since it kinda hit my a little bit harder than I thought. I even missed a turn-opver test-session for work (thank you Jeff for covering and caring).

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